Hiding product categorie from the product under the image of the product on the frontend

Koen De Volder asked 1 month ago
aThemeArt Staff replied 1 month ago

show us screenshot !

Koen De Volder replied 1 month ago

You can see under the product foto there are the names of all the product categories where the product is part of.
We don’t want this.

1 Answers
aThemeArt Staff answered 1 month ago

Thanks for showing the URL. Please create a child a ( https://athemeart.com/blog/wordpress-child-theme-plugin/ ) then add the below code inside the function.php file ( https://www.webnots.com/how-to-edit-functions-php-file-and-add-new-functions-in-wordpress/ )

function remove_woo_product_category(){
	remove_action( 'shopstore_loop_item_box_content', 'shopstore_loop_item_box_content_categories', 10 );

Hope the next version, will add these features with theme options