Incorrect Theme

ben doyle asked 2 months ago

Good morning. 
I am extremely sorry, I was supposed to order the Shopper Pro theme but when I followed the purchase path from my theme upgrade to pro on my website, it ordered the ShopStore Pro theme. This is not the one I was after. 
Are you able to change the download link for the ShopperPro theme please. 
Thank you so much

2 Answers
aThemeArt Staff answered 2 months ago

it’s done! please please check your email inbox or spam

ben doyle answered 2 months ago

Hi. I am still unable to see the “Shopper Pro” Theme that it was supposed to buy.
I only see the “ShopStore Pro” theme available for me. 
Can you please change the theme so I can download the “Shopper Pro” Theme as that is the theme I wanted 
Many Thanks
Have a great day

aThemeArt Staff replied 2 months ago

NO, you will get your email , please check your email inbox or spam folder !