Oh my, have a few questions. :)

Sharon Jordan asked 1 month ago
  1. I want to be able to click on the color (in the dropdown box) and the correct picture shows up in the product image spot. (and/or) Click on the “gallery picture” and the correct color (in the drop-down menu will be selected).
  2. Also, I would like to take the “attribute name” off of my product page.
  3. I have the “download catalog” button, I want to put it on my page.
  4. I have created with WP forms, an upload image form. I would like to have that form show up on each product page. Right now, it is at “checkout”. I don’t remember how I got it there, but that’s not where I want it.

I appreciate any and all help that you can give to me. I spoke with WordPress support and they said that all my issues need to be dealt with by you guys. Smiles. Thanks!!!

aThemeArt Staff replied 1 month ago

Would you show few screenshot ?

Sharon Jordan replied 1 month ago

Yes, thank you so very much!  Argh. I can’t figure out how to get my image to attach. When I click on the “insert/edit image”, it gives me a box for the source…don’t see an option to upload.

4 Answers
aThemeArt Staff answered 1 month ago

HI thanks for your help ,
1) you need to add a custom code . below , learn more ( https://www.wpbeginner.com/plugins/how-to-easily-add-custom-css-to-your-wordpress-site/ )

 table.variations td.label{ display: none; } 

2) please turn on the Smart Variation Swatches for WooCommerce plugins and learn more ( https://docs.athemeart.com/docs/smart-variation-swatches-plugins-documentation/ )

ANd would you give me clarification about 3 and 4 Thanks

Sharon Jordan answered 1 month ago

I responded to your email.

Sharon Jordan replied 1 month ago

Please see the email (because it goes into more deatial), however, I just want to state here that when I turn on Smart Variation Swatches for WooCommerce, it deletes my swatches. I sent you screenshots in email.

aThemeArt Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Sorry for delay reply ! please don’t worries, we will fix your all issue ! would you send us wp-admin user name and password with site url in private ticket so we can check the swatches.

Please use email support or ticket support !