Shopstore licensed status: inactive

mar_jes asked 2 months ago

Good morning.
I purchased the ShopStore theme some time ago and haven´t had any problems in a long time.
However, today I got this message:
Thanks for using ShopStore pro, please activate Your license with email or product key. let’s activate now .

Please Enter your purchase email or product key.
licensed status : inactivate

I don´t think I´ve ever had a product key. I´ve always used the purchase eMail indicated above however it does not recognize it now.
Could you tell me what is wrong please?
Thank you.
Best regards and stay safe!
Jim Martin.

mar_jes replied 2 months ago

Hello, I sent an eMail recently in response.
No, it hasn´t been resolved. The purchase eMail is the same as my account eMail.
I have tried it multiple times (the lastest being today) and the status still shows INACTIVE
Can you please tell me what the problem is?
I haven´t seen this problem till now (actually I don´t rememeber the plugin asking me for the eMail except when I first installed it – and for a reinstall, when the site was being set up about 1-2 years ago.

1 Answers
aThemeArt Staff answered 2 months ago

Thanks for contacting us,
would please try with your payment email as a License key!

And sorry for the delayed reply.

mar_jes replied 1 month ago

Hello, I haven´t received a response to this. As indicated above, I did try multiple times with the PAYMENT EMAIL as LIcense Key!
It doesn´t work for some reason. So something has changed or is wrong.
I can send you my eMail if necessary via eMail – please let me know how this can be resolved.