The item I bought does not work

Ray Pajares asked 3 weeks ago

Good evening, I’ve been trying for months to make this theme work, and it doesn’t work, and I’ve seen your documentation, but I don’t see anything that resembles your documentation with what appears to me in my wordpress, install the theme, the plugins, Import an example, but it looks orrible, it does not appear as they have it in the sample, and you cannot edit the menu or some other things on the page, I have been trying to contact you for a long time but you never respond, my page is for them to visualize.

2 Answers
aThemeArt Staff answered 3 weeks ago

it’s ( ) working good . would you expelling more about what’s the issue and please send me few screenshot


Ray Pajares replied 3 weeks ago

the problem is that what I buy does not look like the demo, the menu is distorted, it cannot be edited completely, the slider with the two buttons on the home page does not appear, I have deleted it and installed it several times and it continues to appear wrong, you can enter the page and see that it is not like the demo

aThemeArt Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Would you send wp-admin user name and password in private ticket so we can make ready for you ! otherwise you can check here ( ) how to use the theme


Ray Pajares replied 2 weeks ago

I already sent you the requested data yesterday morning, in private