Upgrade to Pro

Dave Kopacz asked 5 months ago

I used your Shop theme to build a website and had it completely customized the way I wanted it too look. The only problem was the Shop page doesn’t look professional so I purchased the Pro theme and expected to simple install and activate it and then change the shop page. Unfortunately, installing the pro version and activating it completely forgets my site settings, colors, customizations, etc. I don’t get it. You push an upgrade and then break the users existing site when activating the upgrade. It makes no sense. It seems you should leave everything as is and give me more features and options, not break my existing site, forget simple settings like sites accent color. You added a whole new section to the home page, moved the menu from the bar above the photos and completely removed my existing photos in the header. Seriously, this wasn’t worth the $30 if this is the result. It would have been easier for me to customize the shop page and add my own CSS than redo my whole site with a different look and feel. NOT COOL!