Warnings, and Errors

Michael Stötzner asked 1 month ago

Hello guys, i buyed the Shopper Pro by your store, but now i´ve the following problem,.. please show the link, you will find a store, with warning and error lines, after installing your Design (Pro). The normal free edition, dont shows this errors. 

The second, please look at the demo content, (Products) here are the offering labels not on the right place, after reinstalling of the design, i´ve also the same problem. whats up? 

Please help me. Thanks. 


Michael Stoetztner replied 1 month ago

i´ve forget the url… sorry 😉 https://shop.tracemusic.de

1 Answers
aThemeArt Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Sorry for the delay reply, please make sure you have installed all recommend plugins of version ( https://docs.athemeart.com/docs/ecommerce-theme-user-guide/installed-recommended-plugins/ ) special codestart framework