Warnings & Error 2.0

Michael Stoetztner asked 4 weeks ago

Why you´re close my Thread? The problems are not resolved. I installed the Codestar… but the problem are the same. i Hope you wan´t to say i need the Premium version of that… that will be bad.  Also i can´t open an Ticket by the costumers Page. there are called, i cant login… Further, where i get all the otherPlugins what i need ? 

1 Answers
aThemeArt Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Thanks for contacting us , No need to buy any Codestar version 2.0 , we include with our theme , please make sure you aren’t using Codestar version 1.0 , if you don’t use Codestar old then you can get like as ( https://docs.athemeart.com/docs/shoper/get-pro-features-required-plugins/ )